Writing 101: Commit to a writing

Meri Maa:

Getting into this Bollywood song makes me feel like i am in heaven. I get surrounded by the most beautiful moments spend with my mother and thank to  GOD that she is there with me as my shadow. I seems to be alive and this world awesome. Just getting deep inside the track makes me feel as if it’s me only sharing my thoughts and saying-“Please mom not to go away and i love you so much that i do not have words to explain”. It make me realize of all the sacrifices which my mom did for me.

Who Says:

This Hollywood track is so good as it make me realize that i am the best and yes it’s true there is no one on this earth who can say that you are not perfect. It does not matter on the basis of looks, style, dressing sense and all. it is just that everyone is perfect and beautiful in his/her own way. No need to ask someone whether you are looking good or not, no need to ask anyone that you can succeed or not and simply no need to worry what others say. This is your life not other’s life so make decisions by yourself and not by others choice. As if you will live according to yourself then you will never regret later to whatever the result maybe. I can feel my presence with this song and wish to live a bit more.

Mae Agar Kahoon:

This is another beautiful Bollywood track which makes me feel that i am the most beautiful girl on this earth. I wish to dance, to sing and live to the fullest.. I don’t even want to know if this was dedicated just like that because i can feel the rhythm of this song and the hidden truth inside it. Every time i listen to this song i feel refreshed because it means a lot when someone dedicates something to you.