This post is fully dedicated to my dream reader.My dream reader is ideal for me and technically ideal do not exist.So let me take my one in my dreams, I mean just imagination of that ideal person.Writing for the one who is immortal in my thoughts and views gives me different type of pleasure.

So here’s one thing for you man-I promise to write something, to express something which will give you complete satisfaction and you will become my bestest follower.I may not be very clear in my words for others but I promise to convey my opinions in the best possible way to you.That will be a very simple way because you hold a special place in my heart so describing something in a simple manner is really very good.
Sorry I took a break for months.It is not because I don’t want to write or not because I am busy,it is just because I was searching for the best to write.I was exploring myself as I had gone through difficult phases of life so was understanding that what it is to be with no one other than just being with someone who comes only in your dreams.That is much better as far as I believe because that dream person (who is my dream reader here) will never leave my thoughts until I wish him to leave.He will stay with me every time and keeps me motivating to write something really good.Expecting something from the living people is equivalent to lying yourself, you always know that they can depart anytime leaving you in the same way as there is departure time of train from railway platform.

Enough of sentimental outbreak so let’s get all the positive vibes.I promise you to write all the positive stuff so as to make you happy which in turn will be my profit because you will then keep motivating me.Being selfish sometimes is good especially when you are happy and cause for others happiness also.Bidding you sayonara and see you soon with this post.

To all my readers keep smiling and fix to an imaginary pole where you get only positivity.Positive vibes are actually very important in our life so as to keep it moving smoothly without a break.


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