Misha always told me to believe in fairy tales but I being a science student never believed in her craps.She was just opposite of me-rude,flexible,outspoken,fun-loving,opposable and on the other side I was very simple,introvert,girl full of values.

She had an imaginary world which she use to create only while being with me because with me she was the only speaker and I,a patient listener to her tales.’Skipping from real world into a fake own created world in very easy but at last you have to come back to this real one only,got it?..’-I just use to say this only to her.She always contradicted me in her pleasant voice-‘no baby!..you are a science student so start believing that this world is headed by law of attraction’. Yes that law of attraction was the only thing i kept in my mind and didn’t gave a damn to what other things she kept on saying.Is it true that what we demand we really get??..I kept on asking this question to myself.She on the other side kept her dreams of world alive which follows only law of attraction for sure.

This is just the introduction of the real story.In the next scene I will continue this story to let you know if that law really exist and if yes then up to what extent.I’ll be back soon!


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