Writing 101:Day-5- POETRY ON THE ROAD

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      images (2)                                           As i was passing by a street some piece of paper striked my face because of the gust. That was an old letter ,very old in fact. I rushed down to the last of the letter to see the name but no name was mentioned. In the beginning it addressed- TO MY LOVE, so i got a little bit excited to read the full matter. But as i proceeded to read there were only a single statement written and the whole letter was in the form of poetry.It was followed as:


My Love,

I love you so much that i am not able to express my feelings for you in simple words.So here’s an attempt to make you understand that i really love you and will always wait for you.

“It’s been a long time waiting,

It’s been a long time persuading;

Let my soul be all yours,

Let me completely be all yours;

Through all my tough time and all my happy time i waited,

For you to let me graded as I’m the most awaited;

Just have a glimpse of feeling in my heart,

That don’t let me be apart;

No words can ever describe my feelings for you-Darling i love you true.”

Letter ended but my heart was filled with deep sorrow and eyes sheded few tears. I just thought why we always complain? Why we always fight?  Why we never understand to what others say? as yes! love still exist in this world to make us free from all sorrows and fight. I thanked GOD to again remind  of what we sometimes forget and walked away.


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