Writing 101:THE SERIAL KILLER Part-2

It is continued from where i left in part-1…… the question was still to be unfolded. I was sitting silently without any body movement, even my eyes were still at the photograph of my cousin brother who was no more. Police was busy investigating and checking phone records. The house seems to be a graveyard and dead silence prevailed in the whole atmosphere.

The day passed and the very next morning my cousin’s brother friend (he was also his business partner) came to attend the demise ceremony. But all of a sudden police came and asked for the body to be again sent for postmortem. My cousin’s friend denied by  saying“If body will be sent for postmortem again then how we will continue the demise ceremony??”.Police showed him the court’s order and went along with the body.

The whole scene was again predicted by the police with the help of my cousin’s family and his friends as his friends told that he went out because a phone call came to him at 11:00 p.m. There police was struggling hard to solve the case and here my cousin sister’s marriage got cancelled because male  party don’t want to maintain relations with the family where this kind of incidence took place. I never saw my family in such a big pain as they were trying to fix back the marriage by negotiations. Police was successful in tracing out the number from which last call was made to my cousin. That was the number of a local telephone booth so police rushed to collect information from there.

The telephone booth owner told that it was a boy who came to make a call. Sketch was prepared by the police with the help of that telephone booth owner. The outcome of that sketch was more drastic…. Oh GOD! that was my cousin’s best friend (who was also his business partner). Things started becoming clear but still there was a question that prevailed in my mind What was the purpose of making a call at 11:00 p.m. for which my cousin went out without informing anyone??. Police took him on remand for enquiry. He started to misguide by giving different answers. The investigation continued for two months and finally the one who was behind this murder was in front of everyone. That was no one else than his own friend and it was all pre-planned. His friend gave him a call at 11:00 p.m. on 26th january,2006 and asked him to come to because of an emergency. As my cousin went there his friend shotted him just because of overtaking the whole business. His friend became so greedy that for the sake of money he like a mastermind planned a murder.

Whenever i use to remember that day, my whole body get freeze because that day the relationship of friendship was shamed by the brutal murder. Now we are only left with those old memories and pain which can never be healed.


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