Writing 101:THE SERIAL KILLER Part-1


It was Sunday morning and i was sitting in a relaxed mood after having my breakfast. As that was winter morning so  i was enjoying the cold breeze in my balcony. Everyone else in my house was still sleeping except my mother, who use to wake up early every morning. I was enjoying my coffee and jokes  there out in the newspaper but all of a sudden a telephone bell rang. It was 6:00 a.m. so i was not able to get who it was. I attended the call and encountered that it was my cousin.

I wished her good morning and asked- ‘Is there any special reason for calling so early??’. She started crying and the next moment i got thunderstruck to what i heard from her. I felt like my soul was coming out from my body and i got freezed. She just replied- ‘My brother is no more priyanshi’. It was unbelievable for me to accept that . Soon my mother noticed my agonizing situation and caught hold of the telephone. She was also shocked by that news.

I still remembered that only seven days were left from that day to get her younger sister married and that day she was the one who gave me that devastating news. How painful would be that situation of giving news of demise of her own brother….. her heart might be bleeding from inside. We immediately rushed to my cousin’s house and saw that police was there investigating about the whole matter. Body was sent for postmortem and everyone was predicting it to be an accident. That time something happened inside me, don’t know what and i got unconscious. It may be because i was not that much matured at that time so as i regained conciousness, i was not able to believe the reality that my cousin brother was no more. I was having a great attachment with my both cousins so i found it difficult to accept that truth.

The next day postmortem report came and according to that report it was not an accident rather it was a murder. No was able to believe that he was having any conflict with anyone. The biggest question was Why he was charged with homicide and who was responsible for all this.

I’ll proceed with the story in the next part that is: THE SERIAL KILLER PART-2 , the next day.


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