The Unbroken-“DREAM”

The story starts from the scene of a house in kausali,Himachal Pradesh,India. Although house was small but was alluring,adding more pleasantness to the beautiful scenario of hills.The family consisted of three members and shubh was youngest of all. Shubh,a boy just six years old was not able to study because of poor penurious condition of his family. His father was a farmer and mother-housewife. Despite of prevailing poverty all three members lived happily.

One day the whole town shivered by the calamity of landslide. Majority population died but shubh was along those who survived. He was now lonely and was among those had to face the world alone. Shubh was taken to a relief camp where he got the basic requirements for living like clothing,medical facility,food,etc. All the people who survived decided to move to the city for starting their livelihood. As the group entered the railway station,shubh unfortunately got detached from that group and no one took notice of him. An hour passed and now he was again desolated. Now the only option left in front of him was begging to survive.

Shubh started to seek alms. Earlier when he lived with his family in kausali he always admired the astonishing scenes over there. So,he used to draw the pictures of those hilly scenario and it became his dream to be a painter one day. Now when he was residing at the railway station he  recall his home and the eye pleasing pictures of kausali.He bought pencil and drawing book from whatever money he got, for capturing the thoughts of his mind.This continued for years and day by day his imagination puffed up to be more clear on the paper. He started earning from his paintings which were developing into masterpieces as the days passed. He started becoming famous as there were columns about his paintings in the newspapers. Soon he was noticed by biggest painter of the city and now that happened which is called THE UNBROKEN DREAM.


4 thoughts on “The Unbroken-“DREAM”

  1. …life do not be with us every tym and in our favour….but always connect with life with coz we r those typical stones….. Who faces every worst aspects of life…..and carved into. A gem…

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